Trust Building Renovation and 3D Terrestrial LiDAR Scanning

In downtown Lexington, Ky., a recent discovery was made when a brick façade was removed and uncovered the remains of the Phoenix and Third National Bank and Trust.  The structure, believed to be constructed circa 1908, suffered severe damage as a result of two previous, extensive department store renovations. For one renovation, the lower half of the building was removed and turned into a conventional glass storefront entrance. In a later renovation, the column capitals and cornice work were destroyed and replaced with a monolithic brick façade. After removal of the brick façade, only a section of very badly damaged architectural glazed terra cotta at the second story level remains from the original structure.

In an effort to restore the historic building, GRW provided design services with the intent to patch and repair as much of the remaining terra cotta façade as possible, and to reconstruct the missing pieces of the façade in a manner that is reminiscent of the original Phoenix and Third National Bank and Trust. GRW used 3D laser scanning technology to survey the existing condition, providing a very accurate record of the structure in its current state.